Radical Rodents

Ok…you’ve got to see this one to believe it. RadicalRodents.com is the name of the site coming out…it’s not live yet, but you can check out a teaser video on Surfline.com. These little creatures are actually surfing real waves…well I think they are boat wakes or something, but they are actually pretty nice if you were, well…a rodent. The kind of waves you would mind surf on a flat day. The second or third wave into the video there is a rodent…perhaps a rat, on what would be like a double overhead wave if it were standing up. The cinematography angles are pretty cool…what a bizarre concept! It is classic and a must see!

2 thoughts on “Radical Rodents

  1. The black rodent (in my mind) is the top rat. Just the way he handled himself when confronted with massive close-out sets. Fantastic!! good stuff….

    Next time I’m out surfing, I’ll attempt ratty’s (one of a kind) surf dismount technique……. You know, the one where rat boy heads to shore after his great session.


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