Surfers are required to have impeccable timing and exercise good judgement to avoid getting themselves into gnarly situations. In the case of this young big wave surfer from Australia, sometimes you just get pitched into the flats and have the lip land right on top of you.

Clinton Philip Kimmins was recently found guilty on one count of unlawfully wounding a Byron Bay oyster farmer, Dru Baggaley, at a Surf Life Saving Club of all places. It happened at a birthday party and Clint, for whatever reason, lost it and stabbed Dru in the neck and back with a broken bottle.

In that one instance he threw away his professional career as one of Australia’s best big wave surfers, and landed himself in jail for 18 months. The lawyer thought it was too harsh, of course, but I was surprised it wasn’t more. I don’t know how bad the injuries were, but it didn’t sound good. He stabbed him in the back…I mean come on.

Surfing legends Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow and Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew were character witnesses for Kimmins.

I thought this was an interesting bit of news since it occured at a lifesaving event/birthday party. He stabbed the guy in the back…and neck…could have killed him…and for what? What is wrong with the Youth today? I am 33, but these damn kids make me feel old…must be that damn rap music they’re listening too! …Chuckle Chuckle. As De La says “When you hear that ‘suuuuuuuuu’ thats when the bullshit’ll start”.

One thought on “Stupidity

  1. no have nothing to do with youth looking at the story it sounds like a common act of DRUNK do not know what he is doing at the time because drank wisbee gauliang and one case of beer!!!


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