Surfs Up

I took my two boys to see Surf’s Up, the new CGI movie featuring the voices of Jeff Bridges, James Woods, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, and others. I didn’t really know any of this before I took them as I figured it was a penguin surfing movie…how bad could it be. Both of my boys were born in Taiwan and grew up on Pingu and surfing…even though they are only 4-5. My oldest has been catching waves with me since he was 1 1/2 yrs. old.

It was actually a really well done movie. The waves were pretty incredible and I’m almost embarrassed to say that I felt like a little kid again seeing this remote paradise that the character played by Jeff Bridges had all to himself. Perfect A-Frame peaks right off the beach….reminded me of the old days out at Paishawan when nobody had really gotten into looking for surf past Nanwan or Jialoshui.

Actually the parallels to Taiwan were pretty interesting. They ate squid on a stick and the island that they were on was called Pen Gu. I can’t count how many sessions were finished with a pint and a squid on a stick.

My boys were standing up in the theatre and giggling, pointing and mocking the characters. It was classic! I highly recommend checking it out…even if you are single. Although if you are single, you might wait till it comes out on video…unless of course you are Taiwanese. 🙂

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