Summer is Officially Over

OB just waking up

The dog days of Summer have come and gone and the good ole’ N.Pacific is slowly starting to wake from its long slumber.

The first day of Fall began with overhead surf that is still hanging around here in Northern California. Lefts and rights on hand with the occasional hollow bowl to be found.

I can only recall two half way decent days this whole summer. One was the 4th of July and the other was a few weeks prior when it was really windy with only two other guys out. There were a few others, but nothing to get too excited about or blog about for that matter.

This is the best time of year as the winds tend to die down and the temperatures rise and we get that Indian Summer action. I have a few decent photos I will be posting in the gallery in the next day or so…a good sequence in particular of one lucky guy that got a nice little cover up to start the day. Until then, here is a little teaser.

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