Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Timmy Curran’s debut album Word of Mouth is actually not bad. I was kind of weary hearing about some of the reviews and how he was being compared with Jack Johnson and the other Ocean inspired musicians. I am a fan of Jack Johnson…I think he is really talented. Ben Harper has some good tunes that I can get into like that Burn One Down song. I have varied tastes in music and can appreciate everything from Scott Joplin to the RZA to Creedence and Kruder and Dorfmeister. I generally prefer music with a bit of an edge to it, a strong baseline, good rhythm etc.

I listened to Donovan Frankenreiter a couple times and I don’t think I’ve made it through a whole song…I can appreciate his style for the most part, but not so much his taste in music. I should probably try listening to more so I can make an educated judgement, but everything I’ve listened to sucks too bad.

Timmy’s first song Daylight’s Coming starts out nicely….kind of trippy guitar almost surf guitar ish. His voice is pretty good, reminds me of a 70’s fly like an eagle type sound. His lyrics were ok…they’ve kind of grown on me, but my blink impression was that it was a bit corny and awkward. I do really like the little instrumental jam after the bit about the light bailing him out….certainly my favorite part of the song. He should have had a better ending though…kind of just ends could use some more polishing.

The second track Comatose has a cool mellow somber and reflective type message. He is on it and reminds me of a mix between this old Black Uhuru song and Paul Simon…weird mix I know. Selfish ways is a bit ok…not sure where that accent comes from. The lyrics are a little bit Christian rockish…if you just feel it with an open mind its doable. I really like Joan…that song is cool. Songs like that could take him somewhere…he sounds soo much like Paul Simon in Blue Eyes.

Tim Curran

All in all its a solid effort from a man who rips. His voice is pretty cool, his band is musically talented and he sounds like he is having a good time. I look forward to seeing how he moves forward from this first creation. You can learn more about Timmy on his site and be sure to get the free download.

One thought on “Word of Mouth

  1. Totally agree with your review.
    Coincidentally, I saw Ben Harper at the Paramount last weekend. What a dreadful show. There wasn’t a single bit of “Burn One Down” vibe to any of it at all. I’ll continue to enjoy the stuff of his I like on mp3, but I’ll spend my concert points on the edgier artists.


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