SF Bay Recovers from Oil Spill

900 Foot Disaster

San Francisco is recovering from a 58,000 gallon oil spill this week when a 900 ft. container vessel sideswiped a column of the bay bridge causing the ship to leak fuel into the bay which quickly got sucked out with the tides affecting countless lives in the area.


Surfers at Ocean Beach on Thursday and Friday complained of breathing problems after having been exposed. Beaches from China Beach to Marin are closed until the cleanup can be contained and water quality can be assessed. The birds are really some of the wildlife that will be most affected by this disaster. There have been numerous birds found dead and many more that have been rescued and taken to centers for cleanup.

Oily Beaks

The seagulls out at Ocean Beach all had oily feet and beaks from their curiosity of the oily globs that washed up in clumps.


As the drizzle came down this morning it was apparent that the birds were having a hard time. Feathers and Oil don’t mix as was apparent in the few birds standing around all with black beaks not really moving.

The Birds

So far about 8000 gallons have been collected from skimming the surface, but it is not hopeful that much more will be recovered as it seeps into the coastlines and becomes absorbed by the natural environment. The effects could last for many months if not longer.

Affected Regions

Our natural environment is so precious and we often tend to take it for granted until something like this happens.

Natural Beauty

Members of the Save the Waves Coalition and concerned residents came out the past few days to do their part in helping to clean up the beaches. Take a few moments to watch the video they put together below.

Also check out these links at ZunaSurf.com


o Volunteer Or Make A Donation: www.baykeeper.org. o Zuna Surf’s OilSpill Blog
o Report Oiled Wildlife: www.owcn.org | call 1-877-823-692 o SF Surfrider Chapter
o US CoastGuard San Francisco’s Updates o Surfpulse
o Residents tracking spill movements: Call private cleanup company O’Brien’s Group of Southern California at (985) 781-0804. o Damaged Property Claims:
(888) 850-8486

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