Kill the Spill

Photo by Giovanni Agnoli

I go away for Thanksgiving and look what happens. Beaches open and OB goes off. You guys have to check out if you haven’t already.

The past couple weeks have been a nightmare with the environmental atrocities caused by the oil spill. I haven’t been in the water since the spill and am most impressed and appreciative of all those that came out to help.

The Kill the Spill group has done a tremendous job of bringing people together to assist in the cleanup efforts. Next week there will be an appreciation night at the Potrero Hill Sports Basement here in SF.

Check out the details below:

Kill the Spill Appreciation night

Stay tuned to for more info….

The main surf film feature TBA. We plan on preceding the film with “The Hobgood Challenge” and some other surprises.

Admission to Sports Basement is FREE. Cash registers will close at 8pm.
Movie admission TBD.

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