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Great Lakes


EPA Sets Hearing Date for Disputed U.S. Steel Pollution Permit

Please see the info from the Alliance for the Great Lakes in this link:

Also see the info from the US EPA in this link:

This pollution issue affects everyone living in the Great Lakes region, but it is especially scary for those of us who surf and swim in southern Lake Michigan waters. There are numerous surf breaks within mere miles (one within 100 feet!) of the U.S. Steel plant in Gary, Indiana, so this directly affects you!


In cooperation with the newly formed Surfrider Lake Michigan chapter based in Grand Haven, Michigan, Third Coast Surf Shop is calling on friends and customers throughout the southern Lake Michigan region to attend this public hearing the evening of Tuesday, December 11th at Indiana University Northwest’s Savannah Auditorium, located at 3400 Broadway Ave in Gary, Indiana. Please see the link above for all of the details.


Sorry…a bit late on this one.


Comments may also be submitted online to EPA’s Web site at

As surfing continues to grow into the mainstream in the Great Lakes, it is especially important that we all do our part to make a difference in helping to preserve our natural environment. This issue directly affects us and surely future generations. If you have experienced sickness of any kind from surfing near the US Steel plant, your attendance and contributions is especially needed.

Do we want our kids learning to surf in contaminated water?!


You do make a difference!!!


Check out and support Third Coast Surf Shop…those guys are gnarly. They duck dive icebergs and shit.




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