Gotta Get Wet!

Get Wet

Woke up Friday morning to a beautiful crisp day and decided to do a surf check. As I stood on the dunes with the sun on my back, I watched the half a dozen smart surfers that were on it early pull into one shack after another. Not that big, but hollow and even spitting on a few. I sat and watched for about ten minutes before I sucked it up and went off to work.

This morning I woke up hoping for a repeat, but as soon as I stepped out the front door I could tell the wind was a bit off. I decided to take my camera instead of my board.


It was a little bit funky to say the least. The wind a bit sideshore offshore, with a bit of fog and clouds peeking through. The early bird runners were out and about, but only a couple people on the beach and one lone surfer paddling out. I watched him for a bit and he was catching some nice little shoulders here and there.


As I stood on the beach, the winds started to pick up a bit and it got increasingly foggy, but you could tell it was just over OB. Marin looked beautiful and sunny which is giving me hope for later this afternoon.

Hit That Lip

Apparently, I wasn’t the only guy watching the lone ripper having a ball out there in the onshore funk. Before long he had company, but I still wasn’t persuaded.


I was checking out this new surf forecasting site called Spitcast and it is calling for better conditions around noon today. It’s a husband and wife team out of Santa Cruz that run the site and I like the simplicity of it. You should have a look as its always good to have lots of information to help you out when you just gotta get wet. I kept telling myself that the wind would die and the sun would come out and as I write this from the living room it looks like the fog has burned off for the most part…..sun has come out and so now we just need that wind to chill or go offshore.


Creative Visualization!!

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