Tis’ the luck of the Irish

Gabe Surfing in Ireland

I was checking out the latest swell to hit Europe and found some crazy shots courtesy of Reuters and SurfersVillage. One of the heaviest waves and craziest angles I’ve ever seen coming out of the Emerald Isle.

This swell was literally off the charts producing crazy swell from Ireland to Spain. Splitting boats in thirds as you can see from this shot.


When the Ocean’s fury wasn’t splitting boats in thirds or taking out lighthouses and small coastal villages, it would just push giant tankers up on the beach.


It’s incredible to think that human beings are out there riding the biggest ocean swells that mother nature can serve up. Not just surviving either. The human spirit is amazing.

One thought on “Tis’ the luck of the Irish

  1. That is a sick swell! they had some massive storms beach an oil tanker around Newcastle in Australia, but the shot you have of the dude cranking out that sick bottom turn is the money shot fo sho!
    Had a buddy go over to Ireland with his girl, he said he scored some sweet icy waves!


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