Mo Walker

Mo Walker

Da Cat to Mo Walker. Above is a shot of Miki at a ripe old age charging J-Bay from the movie Litmus. I’m sure most of you have seen the film by Andrew Kidman and Jon Frank. It is one of my favorite surf films and features a great bit on Miki. I found a trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it. Buy the film, it’s a classic. Click here.

Here is another excerpt from ‘All for a Few Perfect Waves’ from Harper Collins.

Miki’s friend, Allan Carter, said, “I once took Miki to Lyford Cay, in the Bahamas, to a private club belonging to a Canadian tycoon, E.P. “Eddie” Taylor. Next door to us was Stavros Nicharos, a Greek shipping owner; on the other side, down the road, was Bill Paley, from CBS. Bill had the junkiest shack down there. The house where I used to stay was called Villa Capricorn. It had a half-mile of private beach. When the Queen and Prince Philip came, that’s where they stayed.

“Miki, David Frost, Lord Henry Montgomery – who was my best friend in England – and I were playing Monopoly and I got a phone call from Los Angeles. I was winning and Miki was losing; Henry and David watched, bemused. Miki didn’t like to lose. When I came back after my phone call, half my deeds were missing and all my money under the side of the board. If Miki had to cut the corners to win, he’d do it.

“Lord Henry Montgomery had brought David Frost over because David was doing his show in London and New York at the time, and British Airways was on strike. We had dinner and a couple really good bottles of Pouilly fuisse. Then David Frost and Miki and I sat around until about 2:30 in the morning, talking about jets.” “Later,” said Marcia McMartin, “Allan told me later that Miki had brought out his bag of jewels and showed them to David Frost. Afterward, when Miki was out of earshot, Frost said to Allan, ‘Is your friend a jewel thief?’”

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