Da Early

Dawn Patrol

Awoke this morning to a bit of chill in the air. You could feel the damp fog rolling through the air and creeping over the dunes. The wind was slight, but enough to make you second guess just suiting up. It was one of those checks where it could go either way. The wind had been blowing steady for about a week and the swell was dropping faster than the wind.

Sand Lines

The wind had created some nice lines, but it wasn’t the kind of nice even lines that will get your blood flowing at 7am. It was really low tide with a few surfers scattered about.


It looked really small, with the occasional decent line that would make you optimistic and hoping to see something bigger roll through.

In the end, I chalked it up and left it to the guys that were already out there doing their thing. This morning they can have it cause there’s always tomorrow.


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