Shark Season, Apparently


Well I hope this recent spat of fatal shark attacks isn’t a sign of things to come up here in the Fall. We all know the Whites migrate south in the spring to give birth to their young and then migrate back up north in the fall to our neck of the woods. The swimmer in San Diego, then three surfers in Mexico two of which didn’t make it. They were all so close together both physically and chronologically which makes you wonder whats really going on. Lack of food due to overfishing? Too much food such as the abundance of large Squid? Climate Change?

Either way, it’s not what I want to be thinking about when I’m the furthest guy out waiting for that next one to come my way. Got to respect the locals. They have been around long before we were and will most likely survive long after we are gone.

Here is a good story I found on the AP worth reading over and a history of unprovoked shark attacks that is very interesting.

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