‘Out There’…in SF tonight!

Out There

Teton Gravity’s new film Out There is being screened at the Mezzanine tonight here in SF.   It was shot in hi-def and 16mm and features some of the top surfers out there from hellman Garrett Mcnamara to the young John John Florence.  The film aims to generate awareness for the environment as seen through the eyes of surfers in locations such as the Galapagos, Chile, Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico, as well as here in California.

I’m going to try and check it out as I missed the Saves the Waves benefit last week at the Minna and the recent screenings at the Potrero Sports Basements for some good films like Quest for Fear.

TGR does some really nice work and was able to capture some really unique angles in Tahiti.  I’m convinced this will be a new addition to my collection.

Check out the trailer here.


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