This shot is pretty incredible.  Truly amazing creatures.  This is the type of image the perpetuates our fear.  Our human nature and conditioned fear of these highly evolved and awe inspiring animals.  The threat is much more real in places like Australia, South Africa, Norcal/Oregon and perhaps less lethal encounters in Florida.  I came across a pretty horrific video the other day that I think all of us as surfers and water enthusiasts should absorb.  In fact sharks should be much more afraid of us than we of them.  These creatures have been around for millions of years and play a vital part in our planet’s well being.  The potential repercussions are not to be overlooked or taken lightly.  Hopefully with a bit of awareness we won’t be the ones to take them out.  Check the video Sharks in Deep Trouble here.

With the increase in shark attacks globally and the violent attack of a lifeguard/surfer in South Africa it is hard to not think about what factors play a part.  Warming temperatures, gaps in the food chain….what is our level of influence.  A bit of education and respect will go a long way.

Some interesting links

Shark Hunting Strategies

Recent South African Attack

Shark Research Committee

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