Sailing on a Breeze

Rasta Breeze

Windy days have come.  Went longboarding in the morning before the wind took over, then landboarding in the afternoon followed up with Yoga all before the really stormy weather hit.  Today it must be blowing about 30 knots out there.  Checked the surf this morning and nearly got sand blasted…surf is supposed to spike up this afternoon but I think I may head north to find the low tide hot spring in Marin.  Will be good to go on a little adventure.  Looking forward to evolving into riding the wind and waves as opposed to just the wind and sand.  There was one lone kiter out beyond the surf…I don’t know how he was staying in the ocean and not just flying away.

I hooked up the GoPro to the handle of my kite yesterday facing it up thinking it would provide the best view of riding and the kite…but it didn’t.  All you can see for the most part is my kite going up and down.  Didn’t capture me catching air on the start and my powerslides that I’m perfecting so that I can do a sliding carve into a reverse then popping it around 180 to be back on track.  Have to get someone down on the beach with me next time.  Such a cool feeling, a good mixture of skating, surfing, snowboarding, and maybe even wake.    The shift from gravity pulling on you to the wind pulling you is a new sensation for me.  With this new pursuit, I now have less conditions to wait for.  Wind or no wind, swell or no swell, low tide or high tide…it’s all about the right combination.


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