Fogged In

In the Fog

When the fog rolls in, with it, arrives a certain peace.  A nourishing embrace that quiets and calms.  

The past few weeks has brought fairly extreme weather as we went from heat waves with light offshores to days where the 40 knot winds literally closed roads and peeled paint from houses to cool and calm days like this weekend where the fog seeps over the hills and the rain comes and goes.  Its nice to have so much variety and for me it is essential.  I see it as natures way of making me more aware of our connection and how it is always in charge.  When the fog rolls we may sleep a little later, take care of our domestic duties a bit more, and overall pay more attention to the little things that oft pass us by as we speed through life.

Sea Gull

Sometimes I find myself revolting against the natural cycles of the sea here and hightailing it a bit North or South to experience a different perspective.  Living near the Ocean here it often doesn’t take much to escape the elements.  Just a short drive can bring you to an altogether different micro climate.  That is exactly what happened to me last weekend when I ventured out of the fog.

Standing Tall

A short drive led me to some fun little waves just out of the fog bank and into what felt like a little taste of summer time.  People out and about, bbq’s on the beach, traffic, and bikinis were all waiting just outside the foggy cocoon I had been in.  The sun was beaming and if it weren’t for the occasional cool misty wind to remind me of where I had just come from, it might not have been so enjoyable.

There were some fun little waves to be had.  Some little peaks that broke left and right with a zippy exuberance that entertained a small group of both beginners and more advanced sliders that seemed to enjoy the challenge of navigating the flailing bodies.

Tee It Up

My boyz came along for the trip and had a blast doing the boogie in the shorebreak.  I joined them for a bit of laydown action and found myself chuckling at their pure joy and enthusiasm as we raced toward shore together.  As they played inside I was able to catch a few standing up as well…which always feels good.  Three to the beach at least.  

Laid Back

We bodysurfed, boogied (as they like to call it), surfed, scaled rocks on the beach, lounged around taking in the sights, and when it was time to go we all had to drag ourselves away.  The only motivator was the rumble in our bellies.  After a short pitstop for some grub and a cool beer for me we were off headed back into our misty cocoon that soothed our sunburned faces.

Trees Peering through the Fog

The trees on our way back home seemed to be peering out at us showing more of themselves as we neared.  It was invigorating and at the same time quieting and comforting to be entering back into the weather. 

This weekend was more of the same as we faded between fog, wind and rain with various combinations of the three.  This time there was no escape, but I didn’t need it either.  I managed to get a little paddle in yesterday and was literally the only guy out.  Got three to the beach…a couple fun lefts and one smaller right before drifting enough to make for a healthy jog back to where I started.  

Looking at all the crooked trees and weathered houses made me realize just how much the elements shape us both inside and out.  Be always thankful for our connectedness through gifts the ocean brings.


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