Saltwater Buddha

Jaimal Yogis Saltwater Buddha

So I was at Other Avenues a couple weeks back to pick up some Kale or something and glanced over to the bookshelf to see a book peering out at me.  Surfing…Spirituality…Quest….sounds interesting.  I read a lot on my way to and from work on the N Judah and was near completion of one of my more business focused reads…The Art of Woo.  I like to rotate a book like that with something that nourishes the soul.  I’ll go from something by Tom Robbins to Krishnamurti back to some book that’ll be skill development oriented.  

Anyway, I walked out of the store with a shiny copy of Jaimal Yogis book Saltwater Buddha.  I am about 3/4’s of the way through and plan on finishing it up on my ride home tonight on the train.  There is a Book Benefit for Jaimal at the RipTide on Taraval tonight so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I just learned about the event last week in my ZunaSurf Newsletter….they are way more together and up on local happenings than I am.  

My father is a bit of a metaphysician who has always gently introduced me to alternative more basic forms of being and awareness/realization.  Much of it I couldn’t appreciate at a younger age, but regardless it was absorbed.  I can relate to a lot of what Jaimal covers due to my upbringing with perhaps generational similarities in parental units, as well as of course being a surfer and individual who surfs.  I think anyone reading the book will appreciate the reflections on Water and it’s ‘magical’ qualities as the universal solvent, holder of immense power ‘crushing rocks to sand’, but yet completely fluid nourisher.

There is a short film about the book below:

As I watched the short film I realized that we are,or at least, were neighbors.  Who knew?  I pass by that house every time I go running out to catch a session.  

Life is an interesting journey and through this easy read I think it may help a lot of people to think about themselves, others, surfing and life differently.  You may even have a renewed appreciation for the magic that we experience every time we paddle out.

Foam Leaping About

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