Akala Stylin’

Akala Rippin'

Ahh…if only I had been surfing at such a wee age.  Saturday was kind of funky as you can see, a bit onshore and sloppy, but when you’ve got tow at assistance in the way of a dad to sling you into waves you’re golden.

Akala stylin at OB

Akala has been in the water with me since he was about a year and half…off and on.  His first wave was on my back and holding on to my neck at a reef break on the east coast of Taiwan. When we moved back to California it took him a little while to adjust to the cold water.


One of our first purchases was the smallest 4/3 we could find.  He now comes out with me at OB with booties, hood, a 4/3 and sometimes spring suit on top….and lifevest when we really get serious.  His little brother too.

Ocean Ripping

Here’s his bro surfing 38th at 3ish…all decked out in rubber.

Pre Wipeout

Akala has been out a couple times solo and I think it’s just a matter of time before he is charging all by himself.  It’s really fun to see him comfortable in the waves at such a young age.

Wipe Out

It’s such a wonderful experience to share.  He makes me feel like 7 again and well I guess I make him feel pretty invincible.

Post Session Stoke

2 thoughts on “Akala Stylin’

  1. Dude – love all the shots but I gotta say my fav is the last one of you and Akala coming out of the water. He is extra stoked to have a dad like you and you are super stoked to be able to relive your childhood again through him. Thanks for the feel good moment!


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