Making the Connection

The Man and the Sea

This is not me, but very well could have been as I was making my own connection with the sea and elements this day.

Friday after work I went and checked the surf as I usually do after getting off or on the N.  I wasn’t really feeling like a paddle so I decided to go on down and try to capture the sunset.  I brought my tripod, something I never do, and set it up to see what I could see and just starting playing around.

Team Pelican

Just panning along to try and catch the Pelicans in flight.  Almost like painting on a canvas with the way the colors blend.

Shore Lines

A fascination with lines of all sizes and colors.

Shore Lines

As I shot away I couldn’t believe all the beauty I was seeing and how much you begin to appreciate the little things when you are peering through a view finder.

Life through the Lense

I obviously wasn’t the only one either.


After a long week…

Post Surf Calm

It was the perfect way to bring it all back into focus.

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