Nori Rolls

Nori Roll Split

Remnants of Super Typhoon Choi-Wan still standing and delivering today.  The past few days saw lefts coming in that were reminiscent of something found on the Bukit.  The rights weren’t as long as the lefts, but were generally pretty steep and hollow.  Saw more than a few spit today and had quite the challenge keeping my quad from blazing out into the shoulder with all the speed from the drop.

Nori Rolla

The lefts allowed you to draw out your turns a bit more, whereas the rights required a more pivotal approach if you wanted to take advantage of the best part of the wave.


On the right ones you could get a nice long bottom turn into racing wall and then cover up like this lucky guy above.

Nori Nice

The past few days of warm sunny beach weather, no wind, and overhead swell further reinforces why California is one of the best places to be in September.  Choi-Wan just put a few extra exclamation points on the end for us.

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