Four out of Six

Four out of the last six days were like this.  A shot of just one of the many wave rich moments over the past week.  That guy isn’t standing by the way, he’s sitting on his board and waiting for a lull to get outside.  Some of the waves coming off the corner of my little stretch of beach were nothing short of amazing for this time of year.

It may look a little tired at first glance, but If you look closely, this lineup shot is anything but.  Once it hit the right sand bar, the OH waves would break in about 3-4 ft. of water and that’s when the fun began.  I’ll have to find some more hollow ones, cause I think I did get a few.  It’s always when its going off that you get the least amount of photos though and at the end of the day mind you when the lighting is the worst and everyone is surfed out.

Great start to June and even when the fog rolled in it wasn’t June Gloom at all.

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