Future of Taiwan beaches?

Got this photo from ‘Gazza the Great’ the other day.  Our beloved break may soon be no more.

So many good sessions along this stretch of sand.  Looks like it may go the way of all too many beaches in parts of the world where the surf population doesn’t have the collective strength to shoot these things down.

Check some of the videos in our video section to reminisce with me.

Photo: Phil McCrackin

2 thoughts on “Future of Taiwan beaches?

  1. Maybe good news about Boardwalks..The jetties that were placed in front of the coastline (as shown above) have been completely buried with rock and sand by a construction crew. This means the jetties are not exposed… And the fact that it’s a rock bottom break, gives hope that it will remain one of Taiwan’s beloved surf breaks.


  2. I really hope so, Gaz. It Pretty much broke my heart driving down there for the first little swell of this year only to discover that nightmare. I still have no idea what purpose they will actually serve. It’s so sad the people in power here seem to understand/care so little about the natural environment. The beach at Chijin has all been washed away, too due to a poorly thought out beach ‘protection’ scheme.


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