Somewhere off the California Coast…again!

Well as you guys know, I’ve tried my hand at shaping over the past few months.  Made about four or five alaia’s and one solid wood single fin.  This past holiday weekend I took the solid wood single fin out and christened it in some of the best surf I’ve had in a long time.  I don’t have any photos to share just yet, but I will say it was reef, clear water, and I got there by boat.  Nothing short of epic as we timed the journey perfectly to coincide with Independence day and a big south swell.

Yeah the curves aren’t perfect and the glass job is a bit wonky to say the least, hell the skeg may even be a bit crooked, but when I took off on that first wave it sure was magic.

Being that it was solid wood, it took a bit of effort to get up the speed to catch a wave, but once you get it moving it moves.  I was even able to throw in a couple carves here and there.  When we pulled up at the spot and I tossed it in the water the fact that it didn’t sink was pretty encouraging.  The fact that I was able to paddle it, catch waves and turn it and even carve was amazing.  I’m hooked and can’t wait to make my next one.  I think I’ll study up on a few glassing techniques first though.

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