Tame Impala

I’ve only done a few music reviews, but I’ve been listening to some killer music lately and felt the need to share.  I have pretty eclectic and varied musical taste. Some of the stuff I’ve been digging are like the modern 80’s throwback artists like Ariel Pink’s Haunted House of Graffiti, Neon Indian, Caribou, The XX, Man/Miracle etc.  The latest band to get me excited though is Tame Impala out of Perth.

These guys are not brand new, just to me, and have a really interesting mix of styles from the drug induced Beatles sounds, to a mix of Classic rock artists like Floyd, Cream, and maybe even a little Zeppelin or Hendrix-esque, but mostly trippy late 60’s and 70’s artists like Jefferson Airplane or even Syd Barrett’s solo stuff mixed in with a washed out 80’s sound.  Their debut album is InnerSpeaker.

I have gone through phases in my music interests and the eighties were one of the best decades for music and ‘classic rock’ has always been a solid favorite genre of mine.  The second track Desire Be Desire Go could have been made in 1970 as could The Bold Arrow of Time, but Alter Ego is definitely a fusion with a real modern twist, Lucidity is a throwback for sure and one of my favorites.  One of the tracks I could see becoming more main stream is ‘I Don’t Really Mind’.  I can’t say enough good things about these guys.

I don’t think they plan on coming to the states anytime soon, but they are traveling around their homeland of OZ next month before heading off to the UK and Germany the following.  Recommend checking these guys out!

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