Spring has Sprung

Today definitely felt like March.  Kiteboarders were out and the windy conditions that are so typical for Springtime were abound.  The perfectly groomed waves of weeks past seem soo long ago.  With the waiting period for the Maverick’s contest and Eddie officially over it’s hard not to talk about the end of winter, even though we still have a couple weeks left and could still see some good swell headed our way.  Early next week is expected to get up to 15+ ft on the buoys for example.  Don’t put away those guns just yet.

It wasn’t the most epic of winters, but we did have a bunch of epic days and many very rideable non-life threatening days…which you gotta love.  Still snapped a handful of leashes and did my fair share of swimming down to Davey Jones’ locker.  Had some of my best and biggest waves ever and even was happy about what I was able to capture behind the lense when I wasn’t paddling.

These shots were from February on a really fun day before a storm hit.  Got a great right hander from way outside at the top of a rip that is still burned in my mind like I just kicked out of it.  It was one of those sets that just break out a little further, stand up a bit taller, and toss further, with a bit of bump thrown in for good measure because the rip current runs right through it.  The kind that if you mess up the drop, the whole line-up to the inside is going to see you get pummeled.  So many good memories to reflect back on and hopefully a few more to come.

As the sun sets on another winter surf season, the days get longer and the winds start to pick up, it’s a good opportunity to finish up on all my board projects and repairs that have been sitting all winter long and start thinking about maybe taking a surf trip somewhere.  Thankful that I have the photos and rich memories to get me by till then.  Spring has Sprung.

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