Far Field Free Friction…FFFF!



Picked up the new film ‘Almost Cut My Hair’ the other day to add to the collection.  This particular section is one of my favorites and gives a subtle nod to the master Derek Hynd and his theory of Far Field Free Friction.  There is a great article in the Victory Journal that explains the feeling is ‘so far out there that the ‘Far Field’ of it refers to Osmo Vanska’s theoretical physics construct of the instant before infinity.  When all is chaos, ‘the scattering’ or mass turbulence in the Beltrami field comes together in an astonishing blur.’

Rabbitsfoot + Ryan Burch Section – Almost Cut My Hair from Ryan Lovelace on Vimeo.

Watch Mr. Hynd on some small ones with Tyler Warren, fins and finless.

Twin and Fin Less // || \ Tyler Warren and Derek Hynd from Visualguyser on Vimeo.

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