Typhoon Megi…surfers rejoice!

Category 4 Typhoon with 134 mile per hour winds is sitting pretty in the South China Sea after having ravaged the Philippines leaving mass destruction in its wake.  Gazza and I would say for typhoons with this kind of track, ‘Mass destruction in Hainan, Surfers Rejoice’.  This one looks to be headed for Hong Kong, but should produce some stellar conditions for the boyz in Taiwan.

As horrible as it sounds, it’s true.  When I spoke with Gazza this morning he could hardly sleep and was storm chasing down the coast to find his little piece of heaven. Hoping for some photographic proof of the goods.

Come on Gazza!!  Wanna see that semi tractor trailer sized barrel going off at that mysto break!  Too bad you sold your gun last week otherwise I know you’d be on it and we’d have no chance of getting any shots.