Mavericks Contest 2007

Well we have official word from Mark Sponsler, the famed surf forecaster behind, that the swell we thought might have the potential to deliver contest worthy surf has fizzled. The other storm behind it may produce some 40 ft seas for the weekend, which as he says is ‘not great’ and so we can be on the watch for that one. Luckily we have some time in the waiting period for the N. Pacific to deliver..

This years contest has some new sponsors that are setting the standard for environmentally conscious sporting events. The contest will be powered by an on-site generator running on bio-diesel fuel, and the contest site will be equipped with solar powered showers, Green Teams and Eco-Stations with recycling and composting containers.

Additionally, Mavericks Surf Ventures in partnership with CBS Sports Line is offering a live webcast at AT&T park in San Francisco to lessen the impact of the hundreds of fans on the cliffs. Check out and for more details.

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