Bluebird Surf New and Improved

I started this site back in 2001 when my wife was pregnant with my first son. It started as a way to ‘talk story’ virtually, through imagery and the occasional posts. Over the years it has morphed into the pages you see before you. During the early days my friends and I would travel the coasts of Taiwan by scooter, motorcycle, and even the beloved Cadillac De Ville aka ‘Caddy’. We lived for the weekends and would travel at insane hours of the morning for insane lengths of time to score pristine surf with only our friends in the water. We would surf for eight hours each day often camping out and having barbeques only feet from the waves breaking on the shore. We discovered all types of waves from rivermouths, to beachbreaks, and reef breaks to outer bombies. We even dragged our poor wives and girlfriends along for the fun. We created our own community of friends that all shared a common pursuit of freedom and expression. From the young Kyle Z to the legendary Rene, the group spanned across generations and always made for a rich experience both in and out of the water.

Bluebird Boarding Creations has evolved as a way to maintain this sense of community as we continue on in this journey called life. Some of us have stayed in Taiwan, others are off creating new experiences for themselves. This site is a way for us all to share where we’ve come from, where we are going, and branch out to include everyone that is excited by the contributions you will find here.

We have refined our Gallery and Video pages and will be adding more and more content as we grow, not only from Taiwan but also California, Hawaii, Indonesia, France, and anywhere else our message has traveled. We have re-introduced our forum and hope that you will all take the time to get involved by sharing your own stories and ideas, opinions whatever. Also, we have added this blog which I will be updating on a weekly basis to bring you the latest news from the greater surf community and beyond. We have recruited the talents of Anthony ‘Red’ Roberts of Taiwan MILK, who will be covering the music scene in Taiwan on his SurfROC page. He has plans to showcase bands and offer downloads, event schedules and more. We have also been lucky enough to attract Terry ‘Tha Meystro’ Meysen who will be contributing to the site with his own Environmentally focused page. He is currently researching how he can make a solid impact and raise awareness in saving what is left of Taiwan’s most precious resource…it’s natural environment. We have also enabled users to upload their own photo galleries and are moving towards creating that same functionality for the video page. We have added a Free Classified Section, aptly named Gazza’s List and we are hoping that everyone will get involved to sell boards, vacation rentals, cars, or whatever. We have a new weather page which will also be improving in the coming weeks and months and much more on its way.

So have a look around, explore, get involved, share ideas and help us grow this community of surfers, travelers, artists, and all around lovers of life. We are all one!

4 thoughts on “Bluebird Surf New and Improved

  1. Gazza, Thelo, Philth,
    It’s Bill the Canadian kook you used to drink heavily with and sometimes surf with back in the late 90’s. I was moved to tears by the accounts of the passing of Gary’s son, my thoughts and prayers though late in coming are with you. I’m back in Taiwan, this time giving Taipei a go. I’m considering becoming a Honeymoon Bay regular and an occasional Kenting visitor. Please e-mail me with any digits or e-addresses so we can hook back up, I’m looking forward to it…


  2. G’day Bluebirders!
    Welcome back and I must say, I’m super impressed with the new site. I’m continuing to post a few photos and short stories on some of our little adventures here on the northern tip of Taiwan: I hope you’ll continue to have a link to our page as we do for yours.
    cheers, Dave


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