Liquid Lifestyles

Its all about balance and trying to maintain the liquid lifestyle these days. I have really enjoyed all the recent happenings in the surf world. The Rip Curl Contest in Chile was excellent. Anyone see the footage of Slater body dragging his way through the barrel on some of those waves. No hands and fully steering using his full body. Nobody surfs like Slater. It was also cool to see Kai Otton in his first year rubbing elbows with AI and the rest of the elite surfing world. He reminds me alot of Timmy Reyes for some reason, who also has a smooth like butta style and explosive rad nature about him. He was ten or eleven in the world when he got injured off a floater acid drop at the Lane during the last Cold Water Classic. It’ll be cool to see those two guys surf against each other in 08′. The XGames in Puerto was another cool event with some great surfing. One of my favorite up and comers has to be Clay Marzo of Maui. Incredible guy to watch that will be busting down doors sooner than later. Last but not least, how about the Typhoon swell to bless Taiwan recently. I only got to drool at the photos, but hope we will have some more goodies coming in from friends in the way of footy to publish. All good when helping to fuel the Liquid Lifestyle.

Speaking of that, I was sent an email recently about a new video by Justin Grover which is the first in a series of surf documentaries entitled Liquid Lifestyles. The clip below was shot on the North Shore last season and is aimed at providing a realistic view of Hawaii and the Hawaiian surf culture.

They are big supporters of SurfAid International as you will see if you buy the video which is around $30. There is a 9 min. segment for SurfAid worth checking out. SurfAid has done some amazing things for communities in Indo and continues to save countless lives.

I don’t know Justin but figured I’d do my part to get the word out about his new film. You can check out a teaser below and if you like it…call up Justin and tell him to send you a video. Don’t forget to tell him who sent ya.

International Surf Travel
Justin Grover
P.O. Box 451
Coolum Beach
0411 810 282

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