Active Athlete

Bluebird Surf started as Bluebird Boarding back in 99′ as a way to post photos of my surf adventures around the globe. Europe, Asia, and the US. It has gone through lots of developments over the years and has always been completely funded by myself and Gazza, and contributions from our friends and family in the way of server space, design help and more. Most recently we have introduced some advertising to the site to help offset some of the costs associated with keeping it up and running.

I began working with Active Athlete Media here in San Francisco in January and chose them as the partner to handle the advertising for the site. I was hesitant to introduce advertising to the site as I didn’t want to have obtrusive, flashing blinking ads that were annoying and of no value. Being that I’m personally involved in the process of providing a unique and valuable experience to the partners AAM represents I felt that my site would be a good starting point to help refine the delivery of quality relevant ads.

So…In an effort to help increase the relevancy of the ads we display and of course secure advertisers that understand the value of your attention. I have a survey that I am helping to push out to all of you and my family and friends that are passionate lifestyle athletes. Whether you surf, kayak, run, skate, kiteboard, Mtn. bike…whatever this brief survey will help us to gather information that will make the Bluebird experience that much better.

Surfing is a lifestyle, as we all know. As a surfer you live it and breath it and it affects your life decisions more than you may realize. The more I can help advertisers understand what we are all about and what kinds of interests we have the more advertising turns from being an annoyance to being of great value. Advertising is meant to bring cool products and services to you so that you don’t have to go out looking for them.

I’d appreciate your help and support in filling this out and forwarding the link on to as many of your friends and family that you think fits the bill.

Take Me To Your Survey!

Here is a link if you would like to spam your friends…it’s all good.

Thank you for your continued support. This site was started for me and my fellow weekend warriors and globe trotters almost ten years ago, but couldn’t have continued this long without all the new friends Gazza and I have made on the way and all the people out there around the world that check in and help support us through forum posts, photo and video uploads and contributions and all those positive vibes you send.

Big Mahalos.

Stay wet and stay stoked!!

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