Hero to Zero


Well we went from 15 foot to about 2 foot overnight.  I awoke to knee to chest high little nuggets on New Years Day with a nice offshore wind holding up the little tubes.  Not quite enough to get excited, but a ton of people were out enjoying the beautiful San Francisco weather.  I chose to hang on the beach and fly my trainer kite with my boys.  I’m actually headed out for a surf momentarily as the swell is slowly on its way back up and the winds are going to shift onshore this afternoon.  On a time crunch now.

Still thinking about the waves from the past couple days and the beautiful sunset.  My friend Adam at NewYorkSurf.com posted a couple shots I sent over to him.  Fun to see my shots somewhere other than my own site.

Here is one of my favorites from the final moments of light in 2007.  Nice lines everywhere you looked.

Red Lines

About to go draw some lines of my own.  With more storms on the way and nearly 8 inches of rain expected in the coming days this may be my last chance to get some sunny perfection for awhile.

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