The Road to J-Shui

Dawn Patrol

Jialoshui, affectionately referred to as J-Shui bares little resemblance to J-Bay, but had a nice ring to it when I think Andoni started calling it that. The only similarity between the wave in S. Africa was that they are both right handers, as you can see.

Andoni at J-Shui

For many years, it was ‘the’ spot in Southern Taiwan. It was the most easily accessible and consistently rideable east coast wave in Taiwan and quickly became a meeting place for the surf community living in the southern west half of the island.

We would go there sometimes and not a soul would be around. You could surf your brains out, walk down into the little town and get some coconut milk, fried chicken and rice, squid on a stick and all sorts of other tasty delights.

My preferred mode of transportation for getting from the city to the south was my trusty Kymco Easy Rider.


Many long miles were put on that bike. From Jungle heat to torrential downpours to typhoon winds, we weathered it all. Not to mention the crazy mountain roads, which were actually safer on a motorcycle, believe it or not.

Once you arrived, you would rock up to Gazza’s place and strap the boards and you were off to make your rounds and pick up the rest of the boyz.


It was always a good time. We’d sometimes have six guys in the beat up caddy with a tower of boards stacked on the roof blowing sideways. Whisbey and Binlang going around. We’d bottom out and sparks would fly.

We’d be so stoked talking about what we thought the WAP charts would translate to. If we were lucky we’d have the waves all to ourselves with fun conditions.

Typhoon perfection

One of the youngest surfers out there at J-Shui was Gu-Gu. I can remember when he was probably 11 or 12 yrs old, but looked about 8 yrs. old with his crimson board. He would sit in the rivermouth catching little peelers and was so stoked.

Gu Gu

The solo sessions were good to. My brother came to visit and we had the beach to ourselves for the whole day with overhead surf and beautiful sunshine.

Jshui bro

We’d surf till we couldn’t stand up and then pig out and hit the hot springs in the evening with friends.

J-Shui was where it all started and ended in those days. The place would fluctuate between really perfect and really crap. As the years went on, it became more and more popular for longboarders and beginners because of the channel and slow waves.

Me carvin

During Typhoon season it would perk up a bit and if you timed it right, you could secure your own little slice of heaven. Here is a shot from last Typhoon season with one lucky guy getting it good.

J perfect

After the typhoon rains the river would push out this incredible sand bar and you’d just have to wait for the swells to start coming in and you’d be laughing and hooting.

J bar

Here is another shot of that same lucky guy that was in the right place at the right time.


Nowadays it can get downright dangerous in the water with all the new surfers as J-Shui has become like the Malibu of Taiwan. The place is rideable from knee high to about double overhead before it starts to get pretty funky. It is the starting point for anyone going to the southern part of the Island and will always be just a taste of what the island has to offer in terms of waves and otherwise.


If you want a great place to eat and stay that is well positioned to hit all spots on the southern tip…see my man Terry aka ‘Tha Meystro’ in Hengchuen.

Also check out the J-Shui video here.

5 thoughts on “The Road to J-Shui

  1. I too remember the good ol days. Terry would rent a car for us in Feng Yuan and Alan, Terry, Red, JJ and I would take the 6 hour drive through the night to meet up with Gazza or Rene or Mc crackin. We would arrive early in the morning and paddle out with no one around. I dont know what was the better part of the trip. The drive in the cramped car with the tunes blarring through the night talking and drinking and stopping for piss breaks or the waves when it was working. How envious everyone was when T myster said he was moving to Kenting and leaving us all in the city. Good story Thelo.


  2. went stay in Jialeshui in march (8-19)2008, w/my bruddah to go surf. Had choke good fun surfing J-shui.we went hook up w/duggar (the big kahuna). Da aloha spirit there was unreal, the food wuz brok da mout, and the wahines auwe!!Bruddah duggar wuz representing da islands well. Looking forward to going back again, hooking up w.the J-shui crew. Ahyo, Bebe, chris/mavis,ahswey. Mahalo fo da gret article.
    a hui hou.
    Hawaii no ka oi


  3. mmmmm,yes i remember the good ol days as to surf nice fun waves with just a few people in the water..i was so happy to meet people like gary,thelo,anthony, terry and phil..they were and still are the core of my taiwanese brotherhood as i reside all day in the water and the same at nite out of the water..cuz,well u know the boyz,rite?too gud of times and never to be forgotten no matter how far and where our futures go.. JY-YO..JO URAY


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