Sleep through the Static

Sleep through the Static

I bought this album a couple weeks back in NY and listened to it on the way back from the airport. After traveling through the chaos of the Verrazzano, the mayhem of Times Square, the edginess of Harlem and the dated industry of Brooklyn it was nice to come home to green trees, rolling hills, and a nice head high swell running with the peaceful sounds of Sleep through the Static on the stereo. My initial reaction was that the album was too soft. One thing I can say about Jack’s music is that it seems the more I listen to his music the more I get to like it. I feel that he is so unique and original and true to what he is which is something lacking in today’s music scene.

After listening to it a few more times there are still a few songs that seem a bit sappy but they have such a positive and good natured vibe that you’ve gotta like them. Even when he is singing about sad truths there is some powerful sense of hope that seeps through.

I have a ton of respect for Jack Johnson, not only as a gifted musician, but also filmmaker, surfer, environmentalist, and all around humanitarian.

Some of the tracks I’m digging are Hope, Enemy, What You Thought You Need, and the byaow sound in Losing Keys. I’m appreciating them all though. His music helps you to slow down and appreciate life. Appreciate the moment! Appreciate the beauty and make you want to move like a jellyfish.

Check out his site here. Definitely pick up a copy for yourself. He is a great ambassador for simplicity and helps you to remain cognizant of what is really important.


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