Forever Young

Woody Brown on the porch in Paia in 94′

The surf community has lost one of its great pioneers this month with the passing of Woody Brown. At 96 years young, he lived a very rich life leaving behind 10 grand children and 19 great grand children. He will be remembered as one of the first big wave surfers and innovators in both sailing and flight. His enthusiasm embodied everything beautiful about life and his legendary stories of surviving massive Waimea when his buddy Dickie wasn’t as lucky will be forever branded in my memory.

His interview in Liquid Stage was what first got me excited to learn more about the life and times of this interesting man. The second you heard him speak your spirits were instantly uplifted to his level. The film is a documentary featuring many legends like Greg Noll, Rabbit Kekai and Rell Sunn, but Woody’s stories are one of the highlights for me.

For more information on the life of Woody Brown:

Come ride the waves, the surf is high, and hear the song the surfers cry. Slide out on the shoulder and finish the ride, Your heart’s on fire, your soul’s filled with pride. Taste the salt, the stinging spray. Know the price a surfer must pay.
Woody Brown

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