Weekend Fun


So I’m just a little behind on things. Lots going on these days and with the spring time onshores in full effect the sessions that are squeezed in are becoming more and more precious.

This past weekend was crap up here. Should have made the trek to more protected locales. The weekend before, on the other hand, was blessed with some really clean and fun conditions.


I awoke early on Saturday and did the regular surf check with coffee in hand. It looked really fun as I stood up on the dunes watching the early birds get some decent rides.


I took my time getting out in the water as it was perfectly calm and so figured I would go at an equally mellow pace.

When I did get in the water it was pretty fun for about twenty minutes. Nice lines, but quickly became pretty inconsistent.


I decided to go back to the house and get a longboard and/or recruit one of my sons to help with the fun factor.

When I got back to the house my oldest was rearing to go and so we grabbed a bigger board and headed out.

Later that morning he rode his first wave solo. It was pretty cool.


I don’t know who was more stoked. We stayed out together for about five hours surfing and playing in the tide pools that formed with the low tide.

Sunday a couple buddies joined me for the early and to our surprise were greeted with head high to slightly overhead hollow little peaks. With the conditions just right we had a ball with pretty much all the surfers here in the city and then some.

Little One

Topped it off with a trip to Mollusk to drool over some of the new boards and then off to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the sun.

I’m hoping for a replay in the next couple days when we get a break from the wind, but right now its stiff onshore and not much to get excited about.

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