Outside Lands

Outside Lands

First time I heard that the place we live, Outer Sunset and Richmond, used to be called the Outside Lands was from a friend of mine nearly a year ago. He was intrigued by the history of the community, as was I. Much of what is known as the Outer Lands was a big beach long ago. Dunes stretched as far back as 10th Ave and perhaps beyond in those early days. I live on 48th ave and have a sandbox as a backyard, but I guess everybody did before the Golden Gate Park was laid out and split the dunes and people began to settle around it.

Outside Lands has a certain power and mystique and this will weekend will be a real tribute to it and all its magic with the Outside Lands Music and Art Festival touching down in Golden Gate park for the weekend. Bands from Steel Pulse, Manu Chao, Jack Johnson, Toots and the Maytals, Primus, Tom Petty, Ben Harper and many many more will be bringing their talents to our neighborhood in one of the largest festivals to take place in SF.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

The list of talented non-musical artists is quite impressive as well, from guys like Thomas Campbell, Jeff Canham, Rich Jacobs and more who will each be designing one of the many stages at the show. You guys all know Thomas Campbell, the filmmaker, skater, surfer extraordinaire, and Jeff Canham the sign painter who designed the Mollusk Surf Shop signs. It should be quite a visual and auditory experience in more ways than one.

Click below for the official event site.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival Official Site

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