The Japanese Motors

The Japanese Motors Crew

I’ve only heard a couple songs, but I enjoyed Bummin’ Out and some of the other stuff I found that I don’t know the names of. They seem to have a retro surf music vibe mixed in with a dash of punk and something else. Music is an expression and so why we always gots to label it.

Here is a write up that I found on their MySpace page

Japanese Motors are the most exciting band to emerge from Orange County since the heyday of Social Distortion and TSOL. Hailing from Costa Mesa and comprised of RVCA pro-surfer and singer Alex Knost, guitarist Nolan Hall, bassist Chris Vail, and drummer Andrew Atkinson, the band is known around Southern California for the insane, all-night blowouts they put on as much as for the driving, raucous garage pop they set the partying to.

Rather than fight the influence of their surroundings like so many of their So Cal contemporaries, Japanese Motors have channeled it into their music, making tunes every bit as sun-baked and laid-back as their coastal environs and rife with positive imagery. “Most bands from here are trying to sound like they’re from London or New York,” Nolan says. “We embrace where we’re from.”

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