Opening Season

The Fort

This past weekend we were greeted with some winter sized surf that gave those lucky enough to get a taste of it a pre-season warm up.  OB had some good waves breaking on Sunday down on the south end.  Probably about 5 guys out including a bodyboarder that lost his board pulling into a good sized one and had to swim in from about mid way out.  There were a bunch of well selected rides and the only other casualty, aside from the bodyboarders leash, was a thousand pound Elephant seal that had washed up probably the day before in storm surf.

Mavericks broke as well and you can see what that looked like on

Looks like we are off to a good start.

Opening Day

Santa Cruz had some good waves too over the weekend and the past couple days.  Checked the cams today and saw some mean off the tops as I settled into my office chair.   Torturous!

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