Not the Binlang variety…but rather the air and water droplets and vapor expelled from a collapsing tube, barrel, keg what have you. We all have our special names for them.


The past couple weeks here in Norcal we’ve had our fair share of SPIT producing waves. I was out last week and snapped a few photos. I am waiting for my day to get spat out.

There was one day last year where I was doing some real Brian Conley type tube traveling….full on 75 to 100 yard rides under the cover of warbling walls and long pits. Think about that day often cause I haven’t surfed as perfect a day since. It was about 4-6ft backs, no wind, sunny and barreling the whole way.

Something to look forward to as we come upon our season here.

This last shot is kind of cool. No one out for you to gauge size except a flock of Pelicans. Don’t forget their wingspan is about 7ft and so this wave is pretty solid…and if you look closely you can see the Spittle about to be ejected. Hoot!!


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