Orcas and Stingrays, oh my!


Read a cool piece about a surfer in New Zealand sharing his session with Orcas earlier this week.  Grabbed the photo from the AP…thanks!  If anyone has seen what they do chasing seals, you can imagine it could be a little unnerving having one nearby.  The surfer made a good point in stating that if it had wanted to take him out, it would have done so very early on in his session.  It certainly would be a terrible way to go, being tossed way up in the air as you cling to life.  I’m sure you have all seen the National Geographic shows.  If anyone remembers the old movie Orca, you may have been tainted by the image portrayed of the hyper intelligent whale that gets his man in the end.  I was pretty young, but remember it being fairly entertaining.


Forget about all the crap you read about White Sharks in the area.  These bad boys eat them for breakfast.  Heard from buddies in B.C. that you can get Orcas in the lineup up there as well.   SurfersVillage.com had a link to this Orca article and some info from the Shark Research Committee…some reported sightings in San Clemente recently etc…  Anyone ever hear of a shark attack at the Hook?  That was one of the attacks listed.  The only attack I ever heard of between SC and SF was in Davenport in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Anyway thought I’d share a little digression.


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