Balancing a Diamond on a Blade of Grass

bow of gold

Is anyone else out there a fan of Tom Waits?  Brilliant is the word that comes to mind.  Sort of like the experiences we seek everytime we suit up and paddle out.  Some can be beautiful, magical and others dark and painful…grueling even.  At least here at OB.

The site has been down for the past couple weeks due to some mischief makers, which gave me some time to think about improvements and play around with some old video from last month.  

Nice View

I was able to pull out some cool frame grabs and then tonight put the finishing touches on a shaky, but interesting session…well couple sessions…from dawn to dusk.  I believe it was around January 18th when we were blessed with summer like weather and big swell.  Got a dawn patrol, then an afternoon sesh and topped it off shooting some video with a bottle of wine up on the dunes for the evening sunset sesh.  

Nice Peak

Coming soon…the first video I’ve produced in a long time…tripod free and shaky as usual.  Need to work on that.  Stay tuned.

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