Pretend That You Owe Me Nothing

After a very frustrating bout trying to upload a higher quality version to YouTube I have given up for now…so bare with this low quality version.  It still may be a bit entertaining with the right perspective.  All the world is green after all!

So unlike other surf vids, mine are kind of slapped together.  I hate using a tripod, cause I am usually surfing when its good and so the video becomes an after thought.  I have to try actually to take my time on the next one, maybe use a tripod, get a higher quality version going, maybe spend more than an hour editing it.   Or not.  My vids are kind of like a brain dump….just spur of the moment, slap stuff together and see if it sticks.

What is unique about this one is that it was shot almost exclusively with the Go Pro.  It’ll be interesting to see how creative people get with their own GoPro’s.  Every time I paddle out I see someone with a wrist cam or plate on their boards.  So much good footage out there I’m sure.  I kind of like the quality too, almost super 8 ish.

Well anyway, enjoy if you can.

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