Swell of the Summer cont…

Setting it Up

Well by now you have heard all the stories from biggest ever Puerto and PWC assists at the US Open to all types of nooks and crannies going off.  Well up north was no exception.  The best swell seemed to hit on Friday and Saturday lighting up everything in its path.  Above is a good sized set wave at a popular summertime line up.  With sets coming every 15 minutes or so and probably close to 75 guys all up and down the various peaks, getting a good one to yourself could be a real challenge.  When you did get one, it was well worth the wait and crowds.

Line Up

There were plenty of options to choose from and many spots had more than enough waves to go around.  This guy below hits the eject button as this spot had lots of water moving and he was seconds from being on the rocks.  Looks like an absolutely rippable shoulder though.

Getting Launched

At some of the more protected spots guys were pulling out the stops and putting on a pretty good show.


It was pretty fun when the sets would roll in.  Everyone scrambling to get in the right spot to either make all the fast sections or get out of the way.

Panned Out View

These were from Saturday afternoon as the tide started to drop again.  It just got better and better.

Oh Snap

You could get so much speed on these waves, and had to in order to make it through.

Tap It

Little tap on the end section


Surfed out, most found it hard to leave.  It was just too beautiful to walk away from. As I made my way back home it was like going from summertime to winter in about a mile.  You could see the silky fog creeping over the hills and starting to settle.

Socked In

Then POW…Winter in July.  As Mark Twain said, the coldest winter I ever had was Summer in San Francisco.  Nothing like that cool fog to help soothe a red sunburned face.

Fogged In

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