Early Pulse

Indian Summer

My favorite time of year is when the fog starts to lift, the sun comes out, and the winds start to shift and clean up the normal summer dribble.  Nothing sweeter than warm sand between the toes and a view like the one above as you come over the dunes and get your first glimpses of the lineup on a late summer day.

Real Local

The past few weeks have been pretty good as we’ve had everything from fun longboard days to well overhead dumpers acting as a solid warm up for the season to come.  Even the real locals are stoked.


Lots of life in the water and plenty to make you feel alive.  A few weeks back we had a solid run of super shallow low tide thumpers that were just a blast.  Had to get in early and just shoot the curl as they used to say…kicking out before the inevitable beating chased you down.


The week after; I guess the sandbars took a beating and the waves started to line up really nicely.  You could get tucked in nice and tight on a few of these…and I couldn’t decide which were more fun, the lefts

Sweet as...

or the rights.


No matter which way you went, there was fun for all.

Beach Day

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