Early Pulses


So last week we got a bit of winter sized juice, but with a bit of summer dribble mixed in.  You can see from the photos that although there were a few gems, the majority were a bit funky.  Up top is a lonely wave at one of the more well known spots in SF.

Big Right

Here is a big right hander rifling its way along tempting someone to paddle out and give it something to play with.


and it didn’t take long before someone did.  Here is a nice looking wall, the kind you can just lean into real hard and go for broke.

Smoove Move

Across the channel, or should I say rip, there was a hunky left that was entertaining for the tourists and the flock of pelicans kicking out of the wave here.


This lone bodyboarder that I came across was either admiring the rippable little left or figuring out how to navigate the shore dump.  I think he was contemplating a second go out, and perhaps leaning towards a hot cup of coffee and a breakfast burrito.

Go Out

These were all shot on the same morning and if I remember correctly the wind came up around noon and pretty much ended any hopes of a repeat sesh.


I imagine this fisherman likes it that way.

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