Da Boyz Are Up to No Good!

Jo-Yue!  One of the best months for typhoon action and word is that the Island of Formosa is getting hammered with good swell.  Lots of fun days and some pretty epic days thrown in for good measure.  Judging from the reports it sounds like the crowd is right too.

For us cold water surfers, how inviting is the picture above.

or below.  I mind surfed these on a variety of boards already.  Like pulling in behind the peak on a longboard and just drawing a really high line or dropping into the flats doing a big bottom turn and then snap stall under the cascading lip.

On the one below I’d be droppin’ and lockin’ like the Gazza says.  One hand firmly planted in the face.

However you look at it, da boyz are up to no good.  With the kind of swell they’ve been seeing one can only imagine.  F$@&ers!

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