Not Beer…but Waves!

When you think of Munich you probably think of Oktoberfest and frothing Steins, and loads of cleavage of course hanging out of those lovely drindl’s.  Well if you are like me you also think of river surfing.  One of the more famous spots to river surf is in Munich.  Nowadays upwards of 100 surfers a day hit the standing wave situated in the English Gardens known as the ‘Icy Brook’ or Eisbach.

I surfed it back in 99′, well attempted anyway.  It is really tricky and can be treacherous since about 20 tons of water flow down it every second.  It was cold, shallow, and since the water was moving so quickly it was tough to get out if you fall off in the wrong spot.  Expect a few dings on both board and body your first time.  According to recent reports you can get as many as 25 people waiting in line for a shot at it.  When I surfed there it was a long wait and there were only a 4-5 guys on it.  The locals ripped it up and for many of them, this was the only type of surfing they ever did.

Back then it was illegal which I didn’t realize, but supposedly at times you had to keep an eye out for coppers while you rode the waves.  When I was there it was raining and cold and only a few guys on it and they didn’t seem worried about much of anything.  Anyway, now it’s officially legal and even the mayor has chimed in saying that he thinks its good for the city’s image.  Win Win!  The cool thing is that now that the city plans to embrace its surfing image they might put up/create a few more standing waves in the city that river surfers could ride…could be interesting to see if other cities follow suit.

Read the full article I read and paraphrased from here.

Eisbach from chris knorr on Vimeo.

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