Bob Bishop 1947-2010

I was deeply saddened to hear that one of our brothers passed away last Saturday while surfing along the east coast of Taiwan.  Initially it was unclear as to whether or not it was due to head trauma or something else, but details that I’ve gathered thus far say that it was the result of cardiac arrest.  He took off on a wave and when he didn’t return to the line-up the two friends he was surfing with, long time Taitung local and expat John and his daughter Kaylee, noticed him floating face down unconscious.  All efforts made to resuscitate him turned out to be in vain.

I first met him back in 2000-2001 when he began splitting his time between Shanghai and Taiwan to manage his surf apparel and accessories factories. He had impeccable timing and I knew that when Bob was in town that we would score. He was to me, someone who had life dialed.  Down to earth, fun, and as his friends would say ‘the oldest grom they knew’.

One of my all time favorite images from Taiwan is a shot I took of him paddling out during a Typhoon swell. I have it hanging on the wall in my living room.  I looked at it long and hard when I heard the news. There Bob is, first one out, paddling into some of the best waves of the season.

There is a planned memorial ceremony in October and a few tributes in the works.  I have asked friends to send me photos, memories, or anything else they would like to share to help heal the pain and loss within the surfing community in Taiwan and beyond.

The surf community has lost a great friend and inspiration. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends, business partners, colleagues, and fellow ocean brothers and sisters. Rest in peace Bob!

7 thoughts on “Bob Bishop 1947-2010

  1. Me Ke Aloha Bob! So many hawaiian words describe You, Imua, lanakila, Kahuna, Mana, Wala ‘au, Onipa`a, Malamalama, Honu, Ikaika, Lokahi, Your spirit lives on…duggar


    1. My pleasure and the least I could do. Bob was a good man. I’m looking forward to hearing about the paddle out memorial this coming weekend. I hear the swell is going to be UP, UP, and UP…just the way Bob would have liked it. Happy to post anything else friends and family want to express.


  2. bob,im still shocked and deeply saddened by your recent passing..the last time we were together it was at that very same place alone for 2 hours.we switched boards and you rode my 4fin.i still remember that first wave and your mid face turn n the look on your face..we laughed alot about that in the parking lot..just like so many other good sessions,we didnt contact eachother but we always ended up at the same place.soo much water under the bridge my friend..i will be in disbelief when i return to taiwan and will not see you in the parking lot or in the water because that is what i always will expect.i had so many plans for us to check n an older brother,you took me under your wing and helped me in so many ways-a ride,a place to crash or an opinion and always,10/16 is the paddle not there only in body,but will always be there in in peace my brother…dante


  3. 15 years ago I drove to Taidong from Taipei for a surf. My wife wouldn’t let me go in alone, and John at the bar in Taidong suggested I meet up with this crazed Aussie at 5:30 A.M. It was Bob, and we had a great session at Jin Tzun leftovers with the best left wall I’d shredded to that point. A year later I was surfing Ba Hsien Dong with another friend from Taipei. We were alone in the water until Bob showed up and had a laugh with us. I caught a tube on the inside that I remember to this day. And it seems that about every other trip I made to Taidong I’d run into Bob somewhere down the coast. Always his presence brought a bit of luck and an epic wave. I now live in Santa Cruz and was just planning a return visit with the hope of some waves in Taidong and maybe to bump into Bob again with his pocket full of luck. Maybe he used it up and decided it was a good to end it with a last roll of the dice. Classy to the end. R.I.P.


  4. I spent a couple of months surfing with Bob and A-Lang around the Kenting area in July, August and September 2001. Will always remember the great times we had. Never got a chance to thank you for lending me one of your boards after I snapped all of mine early in the trip. Thanks and aloha mate. Keep surfing wherevery you are.


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